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November 28, 2021 3 min read

Coffee is a globally revered beverage. It's also one of the oldest, with records dating back to 9th century Arabia. 

Just like any other drink that has been around for centuries, coffee has seen its fair share of changes over time. 

So join us as we discuss five significant changes to coffee in the last ten years!

1. The Process

The first thing that changed about coffee is the way it's made.

In the past, majority of western population would exclusively rely on either a French Press or a drip machine to make their coffee at home (Yes, of course there were other methods like Moka pot  and hot water brewing, but those were more cultural identified)   . Hence, the process was long and tedious.

But today, we have a better option! We can now spend $100 on an espresso robot that makes our drink in less than 30 seconds. Less than making instant "coffee"

Thanks to the perfect branding work those machines can be found in more and more homes today. 

2. Price

A close second is a price we pay for this liquid gold we call coffee. In the past, you would have to spend up to 20 bucks for a pound of beans. 

Nowadays? You can get a bag of high-grade beans for as cheap as $10! The difference is staggering, and it's all down to the effects of technology.

3. Frequency Of Consumption

The third thing that changed about coffee is how often people drink it – making and drinking a cup hasn't always been the most casual endeavor.

But nowadays? Everyone drinks coffee more often than they ever did before. Some people even say they drink at least 5 cups a day! 

This is a significant change to coffee because it means more people are experiencing this glorious drink regularly and have more options to try every time.

4. Sourcing options

The fourth thing that changed about coffee is where to buy it. In the past, ordering from your local Gloria Jean's or Coffee Bean was the only way of getting a quality morning cup. 

Now? We have options everywhere.

We can go to an actual coffee shop, or we can order our favorite drink online. And you can even find tons of artisanal shops popping up on every street corner. 

And the competition leads to all of them trying to provide the best locally roasted beans. This also leads to consumer exposure to different methods of coffee preparations, from harvesting, washing, roasting and grinding. Confusing really. Lucky we now drink 5 cups a day :-)

5. Amount Of Caffeine 

And lastly, how much caffeine is actually in a cup of Joe!

Coffee gets its acclaim from its caffeinated properties, and the "strength" of a cup usually depends on how much of it people prefer. 

Today, you can get it with so much more! And on the other hand, there are tons of decaf options. So whether it's 100mg or 300mg, you can find your perfect cup.


we are in the midst of a coffee evolution and revolution. We should not compromise on the quality any more. No matter if in a cafe, at home, taking the loves ones to a day out or spending time at the annually family picnic. 

The way it is made, how often people drink it, where you can buy a cup, and lastly, the amount of caffeine in a typical serving! 

As we continue to see, these trends change over time, with technological developments inevitable - from cold brews to nitro iced coffees.

Stay tuned, as we'll be sure to keep you updated on any exciting developments brewing at your favorite cafe down the street.

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