Portapresso- Portable espresso maker

Single, Double, long or Encapsulated Espresso -Portatapresso does it all. Anywhere. Anytime.
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Your favourite coffee on the go

Whether you are at fishing trip, camping , out at work, on a business trip, our hand powered portable espresso brewer will assure you enjoy the coffee you love. Capsules or Ground coffee- we got you covered


Make Espresso Anywhere:

Your favourite coffee with an easy to use brewer

Matt Black, Compact And Light:

Small, sleek and very compact. Throw it in your suitcase, backpack or toolbox.

Push Powered:

High pressure created by the power of your hand. 
100% Environmental friendly- does not use batteries.

8 Bars Of Pressure:

Portapresso small brewer can create the perfect pressure for an espresso. Similar to many home and commercial machines.

Use Any Coffee:

Allows you to use the grounds of any coffee you like the most. Grind it fresh for best result!

Use Any Capsule:

Compatible with Nespresso capsules and most other brands.

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