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Airscape Coffee Storage Canister

Air-Sealed Coffee Bean Canister

The air-sealed coffee bean canister safeguards your coffee beans from their greatest nemesis – air. The airtight seal maintains the fresh aroma of coffee beans by preventing the entry of oxygen and other air particles, making it ideal for the outdoors. Perfect for humid and temperature-changing environments, the air-sealed coffee bean canister ensures that you enjoy a perfect, fresh, and aromatic cup of coffee. 

This coffee bean canister is strategically designed to lengthen the freshness of your coffee beans. The structure integrates an airtight valve that inhibits oxygen infiltration while releasing carbon dioxide to introduce long-lasting freshness. 

You’ll find that our air-sealed coffee bean canister also includes a dial situated at the top of the box to help you keep a record of storage and roasting dates for your coffee beans. Moreover, the compact design makes it ideal for travel and commute. 

The air-sealed coffee bean canister provides the ideal solution for coffee addicts who live by their favourite blend or specialty coffee . So whether you want to feel alive at work or enjoy the same electrical coffee experience on vacation, the air-sealed coffee bean canister can make it happen. This design is perfect for storing up to 250g of beans for up to a week.

For the best coffee only use fresh beans.



Size: 12*H9cm/250g
Material: Stainless steel 304,0.5mm
With ABS lid & Co2 valve,chrome plated clamp closures
Finish: Satin/Ma