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Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker with wooden grip

Bring the flavors and aesthetics of your favorite coffee shop into your own home with the glass and wood coffee pour-over from PressoPros.

Whether it’s early morning, when you’re trying to get out of their daks or after a long day of being rooted, coffee fits everywhere. This multipurpose glass and wood coffee pour over gives you a barista grade brew. Boasting a great design and ergonomic benefits, the conical flask allows a beautiful brew.

The octagonal makes it robust, and portable. So it serves you well outdoors as well! 

It’s made of thick and resilient, wear & heat resistant, non-porous Borosilicate glass. Perfect for picnics, camping, home or at the office.

The leather-tied wooden collar ensures safe handling of a hot brewer for budgers. The stainless steel filter allows a bold, rich flavour with coffee oils and minimal waste  you’ll also be saving trees and thanks to its 100% eco friendly design that doesn’t require disposable paper filters.  Light as a cloud and affordable, its flavour packed pash-of-a-sip will take you woop woop!


Capacity: 400ml Size: Ф8*H21cm
Material: Borosilicate glass and beechwood sleeve