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Moka pot 3-cup

What's more relaxing than the simmering sounds of freshly brewed coffee outdoors after a long day exploring nature or on the way back from work? With this Moka pot, you can cozily enjoy a fresh cup of aromatic coffee while relishing the cool, fresh air. This Moka pot provides you with a smooth shot of flavourful coffee, which you can easily make outdoors. 

It allows the heated water to pass upwards, soaking the fresh aroma of coffee grounds and passing out of the tube. In doing so, the brewed coffee flavors are not hampered or infected by additional coffee filters, as the coffee grounds remain on the pot cup until they are extracted. 

This Moka Pot has a simple, sleek, Italian design, and it's made from superior quality aluminum. It is rounded with a rubber ring to fashion a seal and induce pressure. When the coffee is made, its aroma absorbs into the aluminum over time, giving you a tantalizing taste in every sip. 

The Moka pot also grinds your beans more coarse than the espresso grind, which gives you an enticing, flavorful coffee. And you can clean the pot by hand, without using any soap. 


  • Italian design has not changed for many years now
  • Simple, sleek, and very consistent
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • 150ml- Perfect for 2-3 cups