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Coffee Funnel

Sometimes, the best things in life come after a little waiting. So, we ask you to devote yourself to the ritual of brewing your coffee with our top-quality Coffee Funnel. At home or anywhere else.

It’s a less expensive, simpler process requiring no additives. Allows you to devour the complex taste of coffee and the peculiar gratification of making a cafe-worthy brew in the comfort of your own house, or outside. Extra fine wire mesh placed at the lower part of the filter guarantees that grounds don’t find their way into your beauty brew.

This pour-over coffee funnel is lightweight and portable, allowing you to take your little bistro wherever you go. So you can use it easily outside your home. Durable stainless steel that sets off darker roasted coffee. Wide base that stands easily on mugs of all sizes ensuring easy hand brewing. 

A small investment in this accessory will make your extraction barista-class!


Material: 304 stainless steel

Silicon removable grip