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Cold-Brew Coffee Bottle

Summers and an arvo at the beach sets in the mood for cold-brew coffee.

If you’re a coffee aficionado then you may also abhor overly bitter or watery cold coffee. This Cold-Brew Coffee Bottle guarantees a smooth and icy cup of cold joe, effortlessly!

Just add coffee grounds and water and let it infuse slowly. The dense filter will make sure your coffee doesn’t get sour or acerbic.

Made of silicone and durable, heat-resistant glass with insulation and stainless steel food grade eco friendly strainer. Easy to use and clean. Comes in 3 options of color to choose from. The sleek, elegant design will cultivate cultures on your picnic table or kitchen counter.


Material: glass and silicon with stainless steel strainer
Size: 1L (Brews 800ml)