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Manual Coffee Grinder

Uphill, you might get shocked by the breathtaking view but there is some chance you might not find electricity. This beautiful Manual Coffee Grinder would be there to your rescue and nothing will stop you from being the coffee enthusiast you’re.

Makes your life easier by allowing you to bail the annoying wires and heaps of batteries. Just turn the grinding knob and achieve that intense aroma in your brew. Simple to use, easy to clean, noise-free, Eco friendly and the right size for traveling. It’ll feel like a relationship with minimal efforts and full benefits. It has a built-in adjustable grind selector, allowing you to achieve any desired grind level.

From extra fine to extra coarse, it’ll give you all. Just turn the knob and let it turn your mood in one flavor-packed, powerful sip.


Size: Ф4.9xH18.8CM
Capacity: 40G
Material: S/S 304 +acrylic +ceramic burr +PP knob
Finish: satin-finished