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Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle

If you’re not familiar with the custom of pour-over brewing then, we’ve got something you need to learn this arvo! The greatest joys of life are enjoyed when found in balance. Pour-over Coffee Kettle works the same way. Pouring water on coffee grounds allows all the flavor to get extracted evenly without adding sourness to your cup of joy.

This goose-neck style is perfectly designed to work in conjunction and order with our pour-over glass drippers. It allows a fine shape and stream of water to flow over the coffee grounds, bringing about the finest extraction. Giving you relief in the form of a fine brew when you’re stuffed.

Time to replace your grandma’s billy resting uselessly in the cupboard with this pour-over kettle, which reckons suits you the best and would also work for a longer duration!


Capacity: 20OZ/550ml
Material: Stainless steel 304,1.0mm
Finish: Teflon coating outside, matte inside